New Houses

We take great pride in working very closely to ensure that all the details are thoroughly thought out when designing your new home. From the exterior design and the selection of materials to the interior’s smallest details, we work together not to leave anything out.

Complete Home Renovations

The challenge of reconfiguring the existing space you have in combination with the new addition is not an easy task unless you have the commitment to detail and space planning to think through every last inch. We pride ourselves on patience and working together to ensure the functionality and flow of your new home works just right for your family.

Custom New Homes

Sometimes a small addition can change the character of the entire house. We work closely with you to redesign your home to achieve the perfect new look you always dreamed of.

Large Additions and Renovations

When integrating your existing house into to your new addition, it’s important to work as a team to blend the old with the new. By working with you as a team, we incorporate what’s most important to you and design the new addition to look like it has always been there.

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Scheer Design Inc

Proven Results

Let us design the home of your dreams.  We work with you to design the home that matches your tastes and requirements.

Innovative Designs

Whether you need a simple addition or a brand new home we will design the perfect plans for your needs.

Trusted Partner

Our company has been in business for over 10 years. We have hundreds of satisfied customers.